At Albino Rocca we are glad to see that our positive opinion about the potential of Barbaresco vintage 2014 is also shared by some of the most recognized international wine writers as  Walter Speller (please check on

After having recently visited several cellars in the Barbaresco area and having tasted a wide range of 2014, Walter Speller writes:It is not just luck for Barbaresco in 2014 compared with the rest of Italy (..) Although the 2014 vintage did not seem cut out to make any really memorable wines, my impressions from this Barbaresco tasting are quite the opposite. I found plenty of fresh, complex and wonderfully trasparent expressions of Nebbiolo (…) . I found the 2014 Barbarescos overall hugely original. (…) . You call it light? I call elegant, and definitely not a lighter version of anything else”.

Thanks Walter!